Meet “The Siren”

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Amy Eisenhauer is a dynamic presenter at Emergency Medical Services (EMS) conferences nationwide, raising awareness on topics such as provider suicide, response to hoarding events, and career development for EMS professionals. As a Certified Emergency Medical Technician, she has served the New Jersey Emergency Medical Services community as a volunteer and career provider since 1995. In addition to providing high quality medical care, Amy has taken on challenging roles as an EMS educator and training officer. Most notably, Amy is a contributing author for EMS World magazine and also hosts an interactive blog on EMS at, committed to improving the EMS community as a whole.

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  1. Amy, After meeting you last night at the ZOLL Social Media Dinner and accepting your LinkedIn invite, I spent a bit of time reading your blog today. Great stuff – keep writing! You have a niche and a relevant voice. Build on it.

    I hope the book I recommended resonates for you.

    — Mic


  2. Your post about PTSD was incredible. I have been doing research on the topic of PTSD and burnout for my college English class and was disappointed to find little information. Most sites just referred to 9/11 and all the emergency responders who have PTSD now, but I wanted a general idea of what is going on in any town’s EMS. You were able to provide all the answers I needed for my paper. Just incredible. Thank you.


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