First Responder Specific Information

Chamber of Hoarders – Ryan Pennington

Designed by FF/ Paramedic Ryan Pennington to provide education and information to Firefighters, EMS providers and any other responders to hoarded environments. Various posts and educational information, primarily fire related, can be found on the site.

Hoarding of Animals Research Consortium

Preparing for Patients With Hoarding Disorder

Therapy Groups

Buried in Treasures Workshop – Atlantic and Union County, NJ

The above group also offers other workshops: “Too Much Stuff” a drop-in work group designed for anyone struggling with too many things to share knowledge and recovery tools in a judgment free environment, “Buried in Treasures” a 20 week course following a book of the same name centered around building long term skills and strategies to beat hoarding disorder, “Enough Stuff Family Support Group” provides education and mutual support for those with loved ones coping with hoarding disorder. They also offer “in home” services to assist those coping with hoarding disorder at home. Contact information can be found at the link above for more information.

Children of Hoarders

Children of Hoarders (COH) is an online group with both information on the illness, resources, and a community for the adult children of hoarders. There are also support communities on their Facebook and Yahoo Groups pages.

Institute of Living – Hartford, CT

The Institute of Living in Hartford, CT is performing clinical research for people with Hoarding Disorder. The link above brings you to a post with information on the study and contact information on how to be considered.

Task Forces


Arizona Hoarding Task Force – Multiple Counties


Orange County Task Force on Hoarding


Safer Homes Hoarding Task Force – Westport


Gaithersburg Hoarding Task Force

Montgomery County Task Force on Hoarding Behavior


MassHousing List of Hoarding Task Forces

Cape Cod Hoarding Task Force

Worcester Hoarding Task Force


Traverse Bay Area Hoarding Task Force

Hoarding Task Force of Washtenaw County


Southwestern Vermont Hoarding Task Force

Chittenden County Hoarding Task Force


Allegheny Hoarding Task Force

Philadelphia Hoarding Task Force

Other Information

Collyer Brothers

Cautionary Tale of the Harlem Hoarders

Marie Kondo

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