EMS Mental Health Resources


National Suicide Prevention Hotline: (800) 273-TALK

National Hope Line Network: (800) SUICIDE

Safe Call Now (First Responder Specific): (206) 459-3020

EMS & Fire Suicide Reporting Form

EMS Mental Health Organizations

The Code Green Campaign

Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance (clinician and leadership training as well)

Reviving Responders

National Organizations

NAEMT EMS Mental Health

IAFF Behavioral Health Program

NVFC Suicide Report

NEMSMA White Paper

Treatment Centers

Brattleboro Retreat Uniform Service Program

Rosecrance Florian Program

Suicide Risks- DrugRehab.com

General Population Statistics

CDC Suicide Data Sheet

Increase in Suicide 1999 – 2014

Peer Support Groups

Wings of Change (also info on starting an agency group)

Peer Support Central

Peer Support Best Practices

EMS World- Queensland AU Peer to Peer

Chaplain Programs

Emergency Chaplain Group

Soul Medic Ministries

Chaplaincy Handbook


American Psychological Association

Evidence Based Program for Improving EMS Mental Health

First Responder Resiliency

Second Victim Program

Sleep Hygiene

Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Fire & EMS White Paper

Safe Sleep Rooms

EMS Stress and Sleep Deprivation

Speed, Alcohol, Fatigue, Effects – Dr. Narelle Haworth

Video- The Mind After Midnight

Financial/ Professional/ Retirement Planning

Moving Beyond the Lights & Sirens

EMS World- Why Every EMS Professional Needs an Exit Strategy

EMS World- What’s Your Plan B?

Medic Madness Healthy Wallets

Info from other countries

United Hatzalah- Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit

Australia – Ambulance Victoria Launches Mental Health and Well being strategy


EMS World- Planning for Emotional Disasters

EMS1- Are We Working EMS Providers to Death

EMS1- EMS Responders at Risk of being Second Victim

EMS World- Why Some Make It in EMS and Some Don’t

Canadian Paramedicine- Tips for a Healthy Mental Garden


Death By Suicide- EMS Providers Compared to General Public

EMS MH Legislation

GA House Bill 703- Governor’s Office of Public Safety Support

Other Resources

NYS Fire Chiefs FF Behavioral Health Resources

Community Service Massage Team

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